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China Books Are Introduced at the 32nd Turin International Book Fair

Time: 2019-07-10 Author : Superadministrator From :Zhejiang university press

China Books Exhibition Area, commissioned by Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and undertaken by Zhejiang University Press (ZUP), was unveiled at the 32nd Turin International Book Fair on 9th May, 2019, lasting to 13th May. The theme “Reading China” helped European Readers, especially Italian Readers, know better about China through books and extended cultural products. Turin International Book Fair, lasting for 5 days, is the largest book fair in Italy established in 1988 by Fondazione per il libro, la musica e la cultura. This year near 1,300 book dealers attended the event, attracting more than 280,000 readers.

Highlights of China Books included multi-language series XI Jinping: The Governance of China and other works about XI and major achievements of National Publication Foundation such as The Series of Ancient Chinese Painting. Besides, special bookshelves with the themes of “Belt & Road” and “Chinese Silk Art” were set up to demonstrate the characteristics of Chinese books from national strategy, cultural tradition and other perspectives, gaining attention and acclaim from readers. 

The Series of Ancient Chinese Painting, regarded as an irreplaceable “encyclopedia” for the studies of the art history and cultural history of China, is the most complete collection of high-precision graphic literature across the world which restores the details of ancient Chinese paintings to the most. Various painting styles, delicate painting skills, clear prefaces, postscripts and seals… the paintings selected in the series are perfect for appreciation, academic studies and collection, providing distinct, authoritative, handed-down images for the appreciation and authentication of ancient Chinese paintings. Giovanni Lo Giudice, librarian from the University of Turin, glanced through some of the published works, including A Collection of Pre-Qin, Han, and Tang Dynasties Paintings, A Collection of Song Dynasty Paintings, A Collection of Yuan Dynasty Paintings, A Collection of Ming Dynasty Paintings, and A Collection of Qing Dynasty Paintings under the guidance of Chinese staff. “Exquisite skills were applied in these ancient Chinese paintings, making them lifelike and full of oriental beauty,” he exclaimed. “This is the best chance for Turin citizens to get a better understanding of China and Chinese art.”

Besides, a photograph exhibition named “Fall in Love with China” was held, echoing a 3-episode documentary of the same name which was filmed by Zhejiang TV. Taking the experience of French photographer Yann Layma in China as the main line, Director WANG Weiping demonstrates the social changes of China in 30 years after the reform and opening-up policy was carried out from the perspective of a westerner. This exhibition presented the great social changes and soaring economic development of China to Italian readers, helping them get to know what China is really like nowadays.

ZUP held cooperation signing ceremonies and book launches separately with Italian publishing, cultural and educational organizations during the event. On 9th May, ZUP held a grand signing ceremony with Cafoscarina, announcing the cooperative publishing of the Italian version of Chinese Classics series. YUAN Yachun, Editor-in-Chief of ZUP, and Stefano Chinellato, president of UNIVE Press, attended the ceremony and made speeches.

In an interview by Toscana TV, YUAN said that this is very first series that systematically introduces Chinese classics in Italian language, including philosophy, literature, sociology, linguistics, art and art review, and natural science. It is hoped that this series can fill up the gap between Chinese and Italian cultural inheritance and communication.

On 10th May, ZUP signed the translation and publishing contract of “Series on Commercial Trade Communication Between China and the West” and the cooperative exhibition agreement of “Overseas Exhibition of Chinese Silk Art” with University of Trento Martino Martini Study Centre. According to YUAN Yachun, Editor-in-Chief of ZUP, and Riccardo Zandonini, Vice-Chancellor of University of Trento and President of Martino Martini Study Centre, both sides will conduct overall cooperation in publishing, scientific research, teaching, art and cultural communication, and other fields. ZUP donated near 100 quality books about China of 60 varieties to Martino Martini Study Centre at the ceremony, mainly on Chinese culture, society, history, education and science.

Launch Ceremony of Italian Employment Law in a Nutshell published by ZUP was held on the same day. The contribution ZUP has made to enhancing the communication between China and Italy won the praise of GUAN Haibo, Director of the Political Office of Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Milano, Giuseppina De Santis, Minister for Innovation and Economic Development of Piemonte Region, XU Guanzhong, Director of Trade Remedy and Investigation Bureau, Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, and HUANG Xiangjun, Deputy Director of Service Trade Bureau, Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province. BAI Junyi and Francesco Brugnatelli, co-authors of the book, as well as legal specialist and educationalist ZHANG Li also admitted the historical and realistic significance of this book during the talk. Italian Employment Law in a Nutshell plays an important role in the investment, trade, contracted projects and labor service cooperation between China and Italy at the significant historical moment of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of China-Italy comprehensive strategic partnership.

The success of Reading China not only opens a new window for Italian people to get a better understanding of China, enhancing the cooperation and mutual learning in cultural communication between the two countries, but marks another internationalized step ZUP has taken following the establishment of Italy Branch. In 2019 the Italy Branch will organize more extensive communication activities between Chinese and Italian local publishing, educational and cultural organizations in various ways, and deepen Chinese and Italian people’s understanding and experience of the history research, cultural communication, and educational styles of both countries, so as to make sure the cultural communication between the two countries yields plentiful results.