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A History of Chinese and Western Transportation

Hao FANG    
2016 ISBN:978-7-308-16488-7
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Part of Academic Series of Silk Road & Dunhuang Studies of Zhejiang Scholars. This book selects transportation periods and centers from the prehistoric period to Tang & Song Dynasties in FANG Hao’s History of Chinese and Western Transportation. Some of the contents agree with the cultural communication of the Silk Road. This book makes detailed explanation of Chinese and western communication history focusing on Dunhuang and the Silk Road from prehistoric period to Tang and Song Dynasties, expounds the relations among nation, religion, culture, transportation, politics and trade, makes use of Dunhuang documents and historic relics discovered in Xinjiang area in modern times, and employs related research achievements of domestic and foreign scholars, embodying the value and significance of cultural relics and documents along the Silk Road in the research of the history of Chinese and western transportation. Appended are Brief History of Western Area Operation of China and Main Idea of the Study of Dunhuang.


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