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Belt and Road 2.0

Caixin Media    
2018 ISBN:978-7-308-17621-7
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The development of globalization is now at a crossroad of history. The ideological trends of anti-globalization and populism are mentioned more and more frequently. It is at such a crucial timing that Belt and Road is put forward, providing valuable Chinese wisdom for the transformation of international orders and the reshaping of global governance system. A new age of globalization is steadily moving ahead. Regions, countries, enterprises or even individuals… every single corner will be influenced by globalization. This book collects essential interpretation and interview records about Belt and Road from authoritative experts, government officials of different countries, and leaders of related investment institutions in different fields, including forward-looking frontier outlooks, practicable opinions on tax, ecology, regional development and other topics, review of the effects and development process of Belt and Road since it was raised, and expectation of its function in reshaping the future. We can see how Belt and Road, interlinked at “soft” and “hard” levels and inclusive, will greatly influence every single region and every single person directly or indirectly involved.


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