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Darriwilian to Katian (Ordovician) Graptolites from Northwest China

Xu Chen    Xuan Ma    Zhihao Wang    Daniel Goldman    Qing Chen    Junxuan Fan    Stig M. Bergström    Stanley C. Finney    
2015 ISBN:9780128009734
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Darriwilian to Sandbian (Ordovician) Graptolites from Northwest China analyzes the significance of these exquisite, mostly pyritic, graptolites of the middle to late Ordovician period from North China and Tarim, China—locations that have developed the world’s most complete successions of strata and fossil records. The book provides the first systematic account of the renowned graptolite faunas, with over 100 species belonging to 45 genera and 15 families preserved in black shale and limestone, also presenting a comprehensive accounting of the graptolites during the critical transition from the middle to late Ordovician period with important data on new morphologies, the latest conventions in classification, diversity change and evolution, refined biostratigraphy divisions, and correlation with other major regions or continents. The book provides a key resource for paleontologists, stratigraphic specialists, petroleum geologists, and graduate students in varying fields of geology.


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