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Ngari Mural Paintings: The White Temple of the Tholing Monastery

2017 ISBN:978-7-308-14877-1
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When it comes to the art of Tibetan Buddhism painting, Ali painting distinguishes itself from its counterparts by the unique artistic appeal and aesthetic sentiment which constitutes an exceptional art genre and presents a multicultural characteristic. In the history of Tibetan art or even Chinese art, Ali painting boasts high value of artistic appreciation and religious cultural research. The existing painting in Ali area provides significant material for us to recognize and study the religious cultural relationship between ancient Ali and the neighboring countries and regions. The rich cultural information contained in Ali painting testifies to the extraordinary example of Ali culture and art in the innovation of multiracial religious culture and art. The book mainly describes the vibrant painting style and artistic characteristics of painting in white temple of Tholing monastery via the pictures of paintings there.


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