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Road of Silk: Chinese Silk and the Silk Road

Zheng XU    
2017 ISBN:978-7-308-17385-8
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Cradle of silk in the world, China is famous for mulberry planting, silkworm breeding, silk reeling and silk weaving, which help the country earn the nickname of "country of Silk". Chinese silk has, over thousands of years, written a splendid chapter in human history with its unique charm, gorgeous colors, and profound cultural connotation. The birth of the Silk Road was also helped by the development of silk. The leading roles of the Silk Road, silk products and related production technologies and arts are popularized all over the world, making extraordinary contribution to the mutual learning and blending of oriental and occidental cultures. This book consists of several parts, including Origin in the Oriental World (during the prehistoric period), Development in Zhou and Han Dynasties (during the Warring States Period and Qin and Han Dynasties), Great Transformation of the Silk Road (during Wei, Jin, Southern & Northern Dynasties), An Inclusive and Harmonious Period (Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties), Different Styles in South China and North China (during Song, Yuan, Liao and Jin Dynasties), Grand Etiquette (during Ming and Qing Dynasties), Inheritor and Pioneer (in modern times), A New Chapter in a New Age (in the contemporary era), etc.


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