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Ornamental Patterns from Ancient Chinese Textiles : Jin and Yuan Dynasties

Feng ZHAO    
2018 ISBN:978-7-308-17793-1
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The “Ornamental Patterns from Ancient Chinese Textiles” collection focuses on ornamental patterns of silk cultural relics, collects first-hand data in large quantities and uses modern restoration techniques, trying to show the beauty of ancient silk designs and play a role in the inheritance and development of the silk cultural heritage of the motherland. Based on the age and genre of these silk cultural relics, the collection consists of ten volumes. They are intended to promote the combination of high technologies and traditional Chinese crafts such as weaving, printing & dyeing as well as embroidery, research and establish cultural works of art database, promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional cultural industries and provide the ancient silks with new vitality by making innovation on the basis of inheriting the characteristics of traditional folk arts and crafts. This is the volume Jin and Yuan Dynasties.


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